Friday, March 13, 2009

What's been happening the last two weeks

It's been a crazy couple of days around here and I'm beyond exhausted. Last Tuesday, I finally saw my doctor about a headache that lasted more than 12 days (at the time of the initial visit). Given my past history (a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage following a 12 day headache back in 2000) my doctor ordered and MRI and MRA to check for signs of hemorrhage or aneurysms for that night. On Wednesday morning the dr called back and said the results of my MRI was normal and that there was nothing to be concerned about in that department. So he wrote out a prescription for Imitrex, a migraine medication. I was scheduled to work that night at 6:30 and originally planned on just picking up the prescription at the start of the shift (I work at a grocery store) and taking it immediately before working. I decided instead to pick it up at 4 to give myself a chance to get rid of the headache. Thank God I did that because I can't imagine what would have happened had I taken it at the store. Within 30 minutes of taking the meds I was on the phone with the on-call nurseline concerned with my reaction to it. I had a overall heaviness to my head, neck, throat and shoulders. I felt buzzing in my ears, my heart was racing, my fingers were cold, I was having a hard time swallowing, I felt an overall disconnect to parts of my body (I had to keep reminding myself that yes, my lips were attached to my face and my legs were still there). It was weird and very scary. Jason had to rush home from work and take me to the urgent care walk-in clinic. They said I had an allergic reaction to the medicine. I had to call off work for Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday I saw my doctor again and we tried to come up with the reason for the headaches. Digging a bit further into some of my other issues, he decided that my biggest issue is my insomnia. I had been back on Ambien for two weeks and he thought we would try Ativan to try and get me relaxed a bit more so that I could sleep soundly. Since getting the Ativan I haven't noticed any improvement in my sleep so I may be calling him next week to come up with another plan. The headache has since, thankfully, gone away, after sticking around for a full 18 days. Lovely, huh?

Last Friday night three of my Scrapshare buddies, Sarah, Lisa and Miriam drove down from New Hampshire and Connecticut to come to a crop I organized at a local scrapbook store. They didn't arrive here until 2 am, after having been given awful direction from their GPS. Haha! On Saturday morning I took the three of them out to The Fractured Prune, a local donut shop that prepares made-to-order hot donuts in about a million different flavors. Oh it is sooooo good, but I try to stay out of that place as much as possible because before long, I'd end up looking like one of their donuts! We then met up with 12 other SS friends at the cutest scrapbook store around. Later on, we had dinner at Red Robin. It was a great day, but went way too fast. I laughed!

On Sunday the girls left me. The nerve of them! I was sad to see them go. I don't have many real life friends around here and so these days that I get the chance to surround myself with real good people who enjoy the things I do and who "get me" and who allow me to just have fun, well I feel like a person again. I need that and it feels so good. The worst part though is the emotional low you feel once they leave and things are back to the ho-hum normalcy that is my life.

The kids had off school on Monday. In the morning we had an eye appointment scheduled for Riley at the optometrist's office. She has been complaining of headaches and blurriness for the past month. Diagnosis? The need for glasses, though fortunately for her its not a strong prescription at this point. She'll only need to wear them at school and when she is reading. But for watching tv, playing outside, cheerleading, etc, she can go glasses-free. She and I spent a good half hour, 45 minutes picking out the perfect frames for her. I never realized just how hard it was to pick the perfect frames - you've got to get the right color, frame material, and lens shape just right for that face. I've never worn glasses before so this was all foreign to me. Ri was a trooper and we found a super-cute light purple frame for her. No pictures yet, as they had to special order it as they were all out of stock in the store. Figures. So she should get them early next week and then I'll take pictures of my cutie.

Well this post has taken me off and on all day long to get it done and I'm still not finished. Matthew has been anti-nap for the past two days and its wearing on me. He wants to be entertained Now I've got to figure out dinner and then get ready for work. I work 6:30-midnight again tonight (and tomorrow, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday of next week). Yea me. Not.

I'll post more later.

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Jackietex said...

Ah, Meg, I wish I were there to visit with you. I've been taking Ambien for the last three weeks or so. I asked for (and received from my doctor) an increase in the dosage but the insurance company refused it. So now I'm trying Ambien and melatonin, if that doesn't work then I think we'll try Ativan. For the last year or so I've been going to sleep between three and four in the morning but that really isn't very compatible to family life. I'm glad the MRI came out clean, with your history I'm glad you were able to rule the dangerous things out early on in the process. Take care of yourself!