Tuesday, February 6, 2007

4D Ultrasound

Technology is so cool! On Monday, February 5 I had a regular u/s scheduled. Halfway through the tech switched it over to 4D. It was so freakin' awesome. The baby kept his/her hands up near its face like it was boxing. Every once in a while it'd stretch its arm so it really looked like it was throwing punches. It was wiggling all around and then at one point we saw it totally flip around from being on its back to its belly. It scrunched its arms and legs underneath its body and just its tiny-heiney was sticking out. It was so cute! I have another u/s scheduled for the 19th. Hopefuly then we'll get a peek at its sex.

Here's a few of the 4D pictures. I wish I had a scanner. It'd be so much better. The top two pictures show the baby from above. You can see the hands up near its face. The last picture is more of a side profile and shows the legs very clearly. Doesn't it look like the baby is praying in the second photo??

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Jackietex said...

Sorry! My first thought was, "That baby has one ugly ear!" Then I realized that the ear WAS the baby. That sure is an adorable baby!!!