Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Made it to the milestone

Today I hit 16 weeks. The scary milestone that's been looming over my head for over 5 years. And so far, so good. I'm here. Baby is doing well. Things are great. Gotta make it through the rest of the week and I'll be feeling so much better about things. I'm upbeat and positive, but in the back of my mind there's still the scary thoughts. I know that bad things could happen in the later weeks and months. But for me, I just needed to make it through to this point. Then things will be smooth sailing.

Tomorrow's another ultrasound. Last chance to see the baby's sex until the end of March when I go for the big 20-wk ultrasound. Hopefully I won't have to wait an entire month to find out what this munchkin is. I'm still pretty darned convinced that its a girl. Having dreams about her all the time. Will be shocked if there's a boy in there. To be honest, I'll probably be a little upset, but just for a minute. Then I'll be rejoicing in the thought of having another son. I'll try to update the blog tomorrow with the results of the ultrasound. Praying for good open leg vibes!

Dreams are coming more and more frequently. Last night I dreamt I was nursing a little dark haired baby girl. I've had a few nursing dreams. Hoping that I'll be successful in bf-ing this baby. Would be thrilled to have a little dark haired girl with brown eyes. It'll probably be bald like Riley and I were for the first year or so, though. Praying that the baby doesn't have red hair, which runs rampant on my side of the family. Red hair is okay, not my favorite, but okay on a girl. I HATE it on boys. I'm silly that way.

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Veronica in Aus said...

So glad to hear you've made it to this milestone. I think about you often and pray that everything will go well for you.

Miss you lots!