Tuesday, February 20, 2007

14 Weeks 6 days

Well tomorrow I hit 15 weeks in this pregnancy. Had an appointment yesterday, which is one of the reasons I never came back to the board yesterday. My appt was at 2pm. We left the house at 1, got there at about 1:30. Any other time if I get there early, they move me right on in. Oh no, not this time. It was Jason, Austin and I. Riley was supposed to come but she got invited to go sledding with a friend and decided that playing in the snow was much more exciting than seeing her baby brother or sister on an ultrasound. So what time do they FINALLY call us back to the exam room? Wanna take a guess? It was a little bit after THREE! So we go in the exam room, they take my BP, weigh me (I gained 5 lbs since my last appt). Then they stop the regular prenatal appt and take me to the U/S room. Baby shows up on the screen and looks awesome. The baby was literally laying on its head with its legs bent over it, like we froze a somersault mid-turn. We asked if the tech could see the sex. She did, but said it was just a bit too early to make any accurate determination. Said it could be a girl with swollen genitalia, or a boy that just hadn't fully descended. Umm, yeah, okay. So its either a boy or a girl. Yeah, I could have told her that! LOL. Though I'm sure I saw a "hamburger bun". I know its a girl, they just don't know it yet! The tech also turned the machine to 3D/4D so we got to see the baby even clearer. So freakin' cool. The baby is still thinking its Rocky -- constantly has its hands up around its face protecting it and then punching out. Too cute.

As far as the pregnancy is going, I feel great. Just tired. No morning sickness whatsoever. I'm eating all the time. Can't get enough food. I'm not sleeping well though. I wake up every 2 hours on the dot throughout the night. That'll be great when the baby's here, but I've still got a long time to go before I need to wake up so often. The drs said I could take Tylenol PM so that's what I'm gonna be doing to get a full nights sleep. I haven't had any more bleeding so that's been a real blessing. We're almost at the point when we lost Ian and things are looking a thousand times better than they did with Ian's pregnancy, and Riley's for that matter. I'm very positive that things will turn out perfect with this little one and that by the end of July, or beginning of August I'll have a baby in my arms again. I have another ultrasound scheduled for March 1st just as a "reassurance thing" since I'll be the same gestation then as I was when Ian passed away. Maybe next week we'll get a better peek at the baby's sex. Gosh I hope so!

On the job front... well I got the call on Valentine's Day. They offered me the position and I begin training on March 5. I haven't told them about the pregnancy yet, but I'm gonna try to make an appointment to talk with my manager before I begin. My drs office is only open M-F from 8am-4:30. I work 8:30-5. Don't know how I'm gonna be able to squeeze in my prenatal visits since they told us that we can't miss any of our training. YIKES! So I'm a bit freaked out about all of this. I'm hoping that they'll be able to work with me on all of this. We really need this job.

Later on I'll post the pictures from the ultrasound. I also need to go back and fill in the updates from the past 2 1/2 weeks or so. I've been so lazy!

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