Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Little Redirection

I have big dreams. I admit it. The problem with those big dreams is that I have a family too. A family that wants and needs me here. I'm no longer a single woman who can just get up and go do whatever it is that I want. I have responsibilities. I have to look out for what is best for Jason, Austin, Riley and Matthew too. And I want to see my family and be there for them.

So my dream of attending medical school? Not in the cards. At least not at this point in my life. I just can't ask my family to sacrifice that much. I've spent the entire last 4 days researching my options and talking with my husband. We can make the short-term sacrifice of school for me, but we can't do 8+ years worth of schooling at this point. We need me to be able to be around to take care of the kids plus bring in a little income. Full time schooling for 8 years isn't practical. We'd be beyond broke.

We've come up with a new plan. Not exactly following my ultimate dreams but getting as close as I can under our circumstances. I will still be able to go to school, still get my degree, still bring in an income, still see my family, still feel good about my accomplishments. I'm happy with that. So the new plan?

I've applied to the local community college. I've taken lots of classes there in the past and am familiar with the school. I will get my associates degree in nursing. The program will take about two years and I've applied for the fall semester. After that, I'll hopefully get a job right away at Harrisburg or Hershey's hospitals. While working, I'll take the necessary classes to get my Bachelor's in Nursing. Should take another two years or so, possibly less since I have so many undergrad credits under my belt as it is. THEN, after I have my BSN, Matthew will be in school full time, Austin will have graduated high school, Riley a freshman. That's when we'll see what I want to do regarding furthering my education. There's always that possibility of med school, or Physicians Assistant school (a 2 yr post-baccalaureate program). Or I may just be happy with my BSN. But no matter what, I'll have option and most importantly, I'll have a career I can be proud of and an education!

I'm happy about the changes that will be occurring. I'm so thankful to God that I have such a wonderful, caring and supportive husband. I'm so thankful that I'm going to be able to accomplish some of the things I've dreamed of. I'm glad that there are other option available to me that will get me close to those dreams. Things are looking good!



McKay Family said...

Good for you! That sounds like a reasonable compromise for the meantime!

CloverGirl said...

What a wonderful post. I can hear the excitement in your words.

You ARE blessed, and I'm so glad you have a great support system.

Have a blast going back to college, but watch out for those bong parties. LOL!

Cori said...

This is great! I am so happy for you for your going back to school and that Jason is such a supportive hubby!
Have fun going back to school!

Jackietex said...

Meg, it sounds like a great and doable plan! I don't think you will regret it at all.

Buckeye Benita said...

I'm glad you were able to come up with a plan that will make you all happy.

RochRN said...

Hi Meg..I met you at the retreat in Quarryville. I found your blog on the scrapshare website..I am so glad to hear you want to be a nurse. The 3 of us at our table at the retreat are all nurses..Deanna, Deb and myself..If there is anything I can help you with don't hesitate to let me know!!