Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love - Day 8

I love lazy days, especially Sundays. They're my favorite. I like not having to get dressed in the morning, just staying in my comfy cozy pjs all day long. I like it when we don't have any plans. The kids hang around, playing video games or watching movies. Matthew plays with his blocks and his trains. I might get to scrapbook. No chores to do, no laundry. We usually order pizza which means no dishes to wash.

I find that the during the week, in the evenings, I get into that lazy mode again, especially now that football/cheerleading season is over for the the kids. After dinner, I make the kids empty and load the dishwasher. I give Punky his bath and then I put my lounge pants and tee-shirt, put on my slippers and just get comfy for the night. I try not to have to do anything once dinner is over. Just sit down and relax, watch my favorite shows with the family and that's it.

Sometimes you just need to be lazy. And I welcome it with open arms and warm slippers!!

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