Monday, February 23, 2009

Meg Needs...

Saw this on Facebook and decided to post it here on my blog instead. It's quite simple Just go to Google and type in quotes "[Your name] needs" and then post the first 10 things that show up. Here's what, according to Google I need:

1. Meg needs drink and to go to the Bahamas and find a man. I'm cool with the drink and the trip to the tropics. Don't know how Jason would feel about me finding a new man.
2. Meg needs junk food!! Mmm, specifically frozen Reeses peanut butter cups. Send 'em my way. I NEED them.
3. Meg needs the ladies' support right now. C'mon girls I really need your support. Lift me up! Support me! LOL!
4. Meg needs a new leg. Heck give me two new legs. I want them to match. The legs I have are too skinny, and are sickly pale and bruised. I want legs that just keep on going! Vavavavoom!
5. Meg needs a book title. Didn't know I was going to write a book. Got any suggestions?
6. Meg needs sample e. forms. Where the heck did I put those darn sample e. forms??
7. Meg needs to change her attitude. YOU need a change in attitude. My attitude is just fine, thankyouverymuch. What-evah!! You don't know anything. *rolling my eyes*
8. Meg needs a gay boyfriend. Yeah I want a wife around here.
9. Meg needs your number because her pyschopathic exboyfriend smashed the phone. Oops.
10. Meg needs more blood. Keep your stake and garlic away from me!

11. Meg needs a pie in the face. Banana cream anyone??

Okay now its your turn! What do you need??

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