Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love - Day 11

I love all of my dear sweet friends that live inside my computer. They're the greatest and my life is so much richer and fuller because of them (they know who they are!!). The majority of my online friends I met on Scrapshare back in late 2003/early 2004. The forum is primarily for scrapbookers but oh the gals on there are so much more than just women who love to play with paper and pictures. They've been a huge part of my life. They have prayed with and for me, they have laughed with me, they have cried with me (and I with them). They have been there through the best times and some of the worst. They're all so real to me and they really do know me. The best thing is that I have met so many of these ladies in real life so they're not just my "imaginary computer friends". We've spent weekends together bonding at scrapbooking retreats, we've gone out for lunch together, we've talked on the phone. We've visited for hours together (sometimes days). I'm just so blessed to have so many of these girls as close friends.

And in just 9 days I get to spend time with a few old pals and meet some new ones. I'm hosting a one-day crop and dinner next Saturday for 16 of my friends. Three of them are coming in Friday night from New England and will be sleeping over at my house. Two more are joining in for a sleepover on Saturday before driving back to New Jersey. My husband knows but really, he has no idea! LOL! It's gonna be great. Like a huge slumber party from when we were kids.

I can't wait!!


McKay Family said...

That will be so much fun! Wish I lived closer!

Crazyredhead said...

Woo hoo! I can't wait either, I so need this right now.

Le@nne said...

I love my online friends too :) I spend more time with most of the friends in my computer than those in my town!

CloverGirl said...

Have fun ladies!!!!!!!!!

I want to come to a slumber party with SSers!! :(