Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love - Day 6

I love love love hot showers! Ahh, is there anything more relaxing and at the same time rejuvenating than a nice hot shower, with GREAT water pressure? I, myself, can't think of too many things that can top that.

I love the moments of total peace, away from the fighting kids, the screaming, whiny toddler, the barking dog, the, ummm... wonderful, non-nagging husband! LOL! Our bathroom is especially great 'cause if I turn on the exhaust fan, I can't hear a single thing going on outside of that bathroom. I'm in my own world, just me, the water, and the fresh smell of shampoo and soap. Ahh!!

I just wish I could stay in there all. day. long. Every. single. day! Wouldn't that be bliss? Though I'm not sure if I can really pull off the attractive wrinkled prune look. And who would take care of the screaming whiny toddler, the fighting kids and the barking dog when the wonderful, non-nagging husband is at work?


Le@nne said...

I'm with you! Hot showers are AWEsome :) I always get "told off" for having the water too hot :) I love to have my hot shower in the dark. Then the world is even further away..

Cori said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Those hot showers don't help when I'm already in a not-wanting-to-go-to-work mood anyway. Could stay in the shower all day long.