Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beauty Day 12

Knowing my limitations and being able to admit them.

So here it is. I can't blog every day. Or at least not yet. I can't keep up with this challenge. I went from no blogging whatsoever to trying to blog daily for this challenge and it is just too much for me right now.

And that's OKAY. I shouldn't feel stressed about getting this blogged No big deal. I'll blog as often as I can and take a rest if I don't feel like blogging. No biggie. I'm not being graded on this challenge. It's not like I get paid for how often I blog. This blog is for me (and whoever is out there and wants to read this) and I shouldn't feel like I HAVE to do anything.

So there's the beauty for today. I am not superwoman. I don't want to be superwoman. I'll write when inspired and when I have the time. And that's it.

Ahh... I feel so much better!


CloverGirl said...

Meg, you crack me up!!

I, too, can't do the daily challenges. I tried the thankful one and failed -- not because I don't have enough things to be thankful for but because life is just too hectic sometimes.

Write when you feel inspired. :)

Crazyredhead said...

This is the reason why I didn't even try to do this challenge. LOL

Kepp up the great work, your blog looks great!

McKay Family said...

You are too funny! And we are enjoying your blog...she needs her Matthew fix too!

And your letter is: D