Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gotta get ready for work

Ho hum. Not looking forward to it tonight. Thankfully this will be my last night at this restaurant. I hate working there. I have a job interview on the 14th for a new, fine-dining seafood restaurant that is opening up in April. I'm hoping I get it, though to be completely honest with you I'd rather not have to serve anymore. But let's be real. I only have so many options. I have no education. I can only afford to work part-time because of the baby and the kids' and hubby's school and work schedules. Where can I make the same kind of money in such a short work week? There isn't anything else for me. So I'm stuck. I'm gonna be a waitress forever... or at least until I can get my butt back into school to finish my degree and get a REAL job.

So I better get into the shower and get ready. *Sigh*

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