Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm not the only idiot living in my house

Remember in September when I broke my foot egging my husband and neighbor? Remember how Jason wouldn't let up about me being such an idiot to run in the dark after throwing eggs at him? And how if nothing else, I should have at least been drunk while doing so? Well guess what? This idiot is married to an idiot, and oh man do I love him!!

Today Jason, Austin and said neighbor went to neighbor's cousin's farm to play Airsoft and Capture the Flag. I'm not a big fan of Airsoft guns but Jason and Austin always roll their eyes at me so I keep my mouth shut. I'm also not a big fan of Jason running around acting like a 12 year old boy when he's a 32 year old man. But whatever. Well today Jason had the flag and was running and ooops, his foot fell into a small ditch and rolled. He continued to play but when he came home limping I told him to let me see his foot. He told me that he just twisted it a bit.

Umm. No. It's purple and bruised and swollen in the exact same spot as mine was in September when it was broken. His is just the other foot. Big Dummy. He's on the phone with work now taking a couple of days off for medical leave. He's going to the doctor and will get it x-rayed tomorrow.

Well off to play nurse to my sick patient. Got the ace bandage out and some more frozen peas and a pillow. Poor guy.

Is it wrong of me to laugh at him anyway even though I know how bad it hurts?


agent713 said...

"I told you so" is so sweet when you're not the one receiving it :D

Traci said...

This was so funny. I think I missed the original details about the egging incident so this post was twice as amusing to me, lol.

Before you met your husband did you ever think you'd be married to a guy who had to call in sick because of a capture the flag injury? My dh would soooo do this.