Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This post is specifically for Amelia

Good morning sweetie. Here's your Matthew fix for the day. Now have your mommy wipe up the drool from your chin. All the girls dig a bald head and a fluffy bubble butt! Matthew has a message for you.

Dear Amelia,
When can you come over to play? I want some real contact with you, not just pictures and messages back and forth between our mommies. Please baby, I'll make it worth the 1000 mile trip! If you came here we could:

Play on my train table. Mommy tells me to get off the table all the time but it makes a great dance floor. I've been practicing my moves. Can you see my big ol' booty?

Or we could just sit in a box. Do you know how much fun a box is? We've got lots of boxes and laundry baskets. We could pretend that it was a big plane taking us on a romantic weekend getaway! Or we could just pretend it was a box. Either way, I'm happy.

I've got lots of movies. Wiggles are my favorite. I just love to dance to them, especially on the train table. If you don't like Wiggles, I've got Elmo, Dora, and Thomas the Train. I think we have a few stupid Princess Barbie movies from my big sister. You're a girl. You'd probably like that dumb stuff huh?

I like bananas in the morning, so after you get here we can have a snack. Mommy just went grocery shopping so there's more to eat here than just dry cereal and water. Bout time!

Well Amelia it was nice writing to you. Hope you enjoyed my letter. I'll be sitting in my hallway, holding the remote and just waiting for you to arrive.
Forever yours (or at least until I start preschool when I get to meet all kinds of little ladies),


McKay Family said...


I love to dance (to just about everything), bananas are my favorite, I love Elmo and train tables, and I'd love to see snow. Bald boys are my personal choice and you sure do fit the bill. Too bad my mommy won't hand over the keys.


Crazyredhead said...

ROFL! Meg you crack me up.