Friday, January 9, 2009

Beauty Day 7

I hate winter. I've always hated winter. I hate to be cold. I hate to drive in snow and ice and freezing rain. I hate that the days are short and that there is never enough sunlight. I hate that everything is brown and dead around me. I long for spring and summer.
However, despite how much I hate winter (and I mean I really really hate it), I am able to find beauty in it. Yesterday we had freezing rain all day. I noticed that the bushes were covered in ice so I threw on my coat and grabbed my new camera (a Nikon D40 which I LOVE) and decided to capture some of the beauty amid all the dreariness of January in Central PA. I captured what I believe to be a beautiful picture. I love the way the ice looks around the branches and how there is just a bit of red showing among all the brown.
The purpose of this month's blog challenge was to find beauty around us, which I think is necessary for me during the winter months. I'm one of those people that lose all energy in the winter. I have no motivation. I veg out just longing for the warmer days. Its necessary for me to see that there is beauty surrounding me.

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Traci said...

I love this picture. We're buried in snow here and I did manage to step outside on my porch to try to capture some beauty earlier. It's definitely a challenge when I'm shivering so much I can barely hold the camera straight, lol.

Great post!