Thursday, January 4, 2007

Baby Belly -- Week 8 (maybe!)

Figured I'd might as well take a pic and post it. I have hardly any pictures of my pregnancies with Austin or Riley. In fact I can think of ONE picture from each of them. Sad, isn't it? Well this baby is gonna be the subject of plenty of pictures, even before its born. I had to do a self portrait because no one is home right now. I'm kinda proud of this little belly of mine. You can actually SEE it! It took forever it seems for me to start showing with any of the my other three pregnancies. This time things are moving much more quickly.
Oh my sister-in-law Holly (Jake and Summer's mom) called me yesterday and offered me all of her maternity clothes! I'm so excited. She always dresses so nicely (she's a manager at NY & Co) so the clothes are gonna be awesome. I can't wait to get them. She says she'll probably stop by next week with them. Won't be long before I'm gonna be out of my regular clothes and onto the maternity wear. It's funny just how excited about this that I am. I'm sure a lot of people are begrudging wearing them, but not this chick. I.can't.wait!

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