Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Bassinets, and Bouncy Seats, and Strollers... Oh MY!

I went to Target today by myself. Went in there specifically for cat food and to buy a Starbucks' Caramel Frappuccino (bad, I know, but I was really craving one!). Spent a good portion of the time that I was there just looking at all the baby stuff. Holy mackeral there's a huge selection of new equipment and must-haves that just didn't exist when I had my last baby. And she's only 6!

It's almost overwhelming how much stuff is out there, and yet at the same time, it's so exciting. The baby swings look so much more comfy than the vinyl seat, wind-up one that Austin had 10 years ago. There's fish and music and batteries. There's dangly mobiles above them, and little mirrors, and tiny toys. They even have a swing out there that is like a papasan chair! Who'd have thunk it! Looks comfortable enough for me to crawl in and fall asleep in.

And the Pack-n-plays? Bassinet attachments, changing tables, a place to store diapers and toys and extra blankets. Car seats that are huge and comfortable, with lots of fun patterns. Some even recline with the push of a button. Lots of bouncy seats that vibrate (which Riley loved as an infant -- we used to place the seat in her crib and let her sleep in the seat when she was newborn 'cause she loved the vibrations). Oh and the Exersaucers? Much more interactive than the first one I bought when Austin was a baby. They had just come out with the E-saucer back then and believe me, it was exciting at the time. Now? Oh man they're so interactive and makes Austin's old one look ancient and boring. Today's highchairs have trays that can be thrown in the dishwasher to be cleaned. Why didn't they have that back when I was scouring the tray trying to get the spaghetti-orange stains out of it?

I can't wait to start shopping for this baby! 'Course in a few years I'll look at all the new baby stuff out there and wish they had it when I had this baby.

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tosin said...

Isn't it crazy how far this stuff has come? And I'm hearin' ya on those spaghetti stained highchair trays!
Enjoy every little moment!