Thursday, January 18, 2007


Wanted to document the bit of "excitement" I had on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had posted this on and am just copying and pasting here.

(1/16/07- 2:45 pm) I just started spotting with this pregnancy. I can't go through another loss. Please pray that the spotting is "nothing" and that the baby will be okay. I had spotting throughout both Riley and Ian's pregnancies. Had placental abruptions with both. Obviously Ian didn't survive because of it. I can't lose this baby. Oh my God, I can't! I'm so scared. The doctors office said not to panic but I'm already beyond that. I'm freaking out. The spotting was light pink and I'm not cramping or anything but I'm to call back if things get worse. Please please please pray for me and this baby!!!

UPDATE: (1/17/07 - 10:31 am) Well I was cramping a bit throughout the night. Woke up with light brown spotting. Not much, only when I'd wipe. I called the drs office just to let them know. They said again just to take it easy, relax and try to stay calm. The fact that its light brown is better than being bright red. I have an appointment on Monday and they'll check things out thoroughly then. I'm doing much better mentally today. I could feel your prayers and it really helped calm me down. Things WILL be okay. I just have to continue to have faith.Thanks again for the prayers. I'll update you on anything new.

Today is Thursday and I am not spotting currently. No cramping either. Hopefully that is the last of it. Ultrasound is in a few more days. I'll be a bit nervous until then, but overall I'm doing okay. I can bleed and still have a healthy baby at the end. My beautiful 6 year old daughter is living proof of that. I WILL have a beautiful healthy baby at the end of this pregnancy too! I have faith that the Lord will deliver!


tosin said...

I have faith.

Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of you Meg!!

Patty said...

Meg, I am continuing to keep you in my prayers. Prayer is so powerful and you have a lot coming your way.