Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Family Ties

We have used family names as middle names for our kids, and plan on doing the same for this baby as well.

Austin Jeffery (Jeffery is my dad's name)
Riley Elizabeth (Elizabeth is after Jason's aunt, Elizabeth and my aunt Beth)
Ian Douglas (Douglas is Jason's dad)

With this one we're thinking of the first names of Rachel and Daniel. But I'm having a hard time coming up with family middle names that I like. One name we're considering for Rachel is Rachel Kay. Kay is my mom's maiden name and my sister's middle name. Other girl family names that are in the running: Eileen, Catherine, Mary, Grace, Lillian.

For Daniel, well I have no clue. Some of the family names I like are William, John, Harrison, Stephen, Kai (pronouced KYE, the original spelling of my mom's maiden name when her gr.grandfather came to the US from Norway). I also like Christian, which isn't exactly a family name but I see Christ and Ian, and it reminds me that my baby boy is in heaven with Jesus and it would pay tribute to Ian that way.

Who knows? I'll probably change my mind a million times between now and August, but its something to think about now as I'm patiently waiting. One thing that won't change is the name if this is a girl. Rachel is it. Has been for 6 years, will be forever.

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tosin said...

I love the names. And you have good options for the middle names too.
I think you'll know what to choose when the time comes.