Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Toilet Paper

I read on some pregnancy forum somewhere on the net today that some women track their belly growth using toilet paper. Interesting concept. I've got toilet paper, I can do this! Figured it'd be an easy way to gauge how much my belly is growing. So I went into the bathroom today and grabbed the toilet paper, wrapped it around my midsection, making sure it went over my belly button (is that how I'm supposed to measure it?? I have no clue! But that's the way I'm gonna do it). Tore off the paper where it met the other end and counted the squares. Today, at 7 weeks and 6 days (maybe!) I'm 9 squares around.

Funny thing is I found out that one of my best friends, whose identity is being protected so she's not mortified that I'm sharing how big she is, is 10 squares around. Yet she's saying she's HUGE. So I'm thinking if I'm 9 squares and she's 10 squares and yet she's at least a month ahead of me and she's considering herself HUGE, then different toilet paper companies must be using different sizes for their squares. You'd think there'd be a standard toilet paper square size, but I'm thinking not. Unless I'm really big for my dates or that un-named knocked-up friend isn't as big as she thinks she is.

Good thing is that I always buy the same toilet paper so I'll at least have a constant on the toilet paper square size. Maybe said friend should buy my kind of TP and then she'd feel smaller. It's the cheap, hard, plain white stuff -- Scott! Go pick up a few rolls Sherri...err... I mean unnamed friend!

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